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BSK Book Ghostwriting Service

Starting from the low price of $25

Is writing a book your dream?

Partner with us, and we’ll become your ghostwriter. Our talented team of writers will carefully craft your story into an inspiring narrative that helps you achieve the recognition you deserve.

We also offer a free outline service if you are stuck with any topic; just fill out the form, and we will send you back the book outline within 24 hours.

What Our Services Include

At BSK, we’re committed to helping you create the best possible book you can. Whether your book is for KDP or not, we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that it’s delivered on time and up to your standards.

Our services include:

– Developing a working outline

– Researching topics and key points

– Writing the book in a clear, concise style that resonates with readers

We’ve written books across all genres—from nonfiction to children’s stories and everything in between—and we’re ready to help you make yours a success.

Tell your story, and we’ll write it.

Establish your business with the help of a book ghostwriting service

We are BSKContentwriting and provide book ghostwriting service

We can write a book for you from start to finish. We’ll work with you to develop a concept and structure, and then we’ll write the book for you—all within your budget. We do all this with complete confidentiality, so there’s no worry about our team spilling any of your secrets!

What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is the process of writing for someone else under their name. It’s a common practice in the publishing industry, where authors sometimes hire a ghostwriter to help them complete or polish their book. But it can be helpful in other situations as well: if you have an idea for a book that you don’t have time to write yourself or if you want to make sure your message is conveyed exactly as you want it to be.

Here are the few examples of Ebook we provide,

What We Offer?

At BSK, we know that writing a book is hard. It takes time, effort, and good ideas—and then there’s the whole “being able to put those ideas on paper” thing.

That’s why we offer our book ghostwriting services: we’ll take your ideas and turn them into a full-length book that you can use as a marketing tool for your business or even just to share with friends and family. We’ll work with you to develop a story arc and structure for your book, help you pick an appropriate title, find an editor who fits your style and needs, and help you polish up the writing until it’s something you can be proud of.

With our book ghostwriting service, you don’t have to spend all those hours typing away at the computer—instead, we’ll do it for you!

What Type of Book Ghostwriting Service do We Offer

KDP Books
Non-Fiction Books
Health and Fitness Books
KDP Books
KDP Books
Non-Fiction Books
Health and Fitness Books

If you want to publish a book on Amazon but don’t want to write the whole thing yourself, you’re in luck! Our KDP book ghostwriters can help you get started with your writing project. We offer a full range of services for this type of project.

KDP books are books that are published on Amazon and available to purchase as ebooks. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to write a book that will meet the requirements of the KDP program while still authentically telling your story.

KDP books can be written about any topic, but we have particular expertise in health and fitness topics. We have written over a dozen health and fitness books for clients, including cookbooks, memoirs about losing weight, memoirs about overcoming heart disease, and more.

We also offer non-fiction book ghostwriting services. This is a great way to get more information out there about your business or industry—and we can help you do it in an entertaining, engaging way that will keep readers interested and coming back for more!


-Mental Health

-Business & Money Management

-Relationship & Family Issues

-Fitness & Dieting

-Health & Wellness

-Spirituality & Religion

Do you have some amazing health tips that everyone should know? Or maybe you’ve tried a diet that really worked and want to share it with others? We’ll work with you to create an excellent health or fitness book that helps people live their best lives.

How does a book ghostwriting service work?

Our book-writing process is straightforward.

Here is what we do:

Order Details

When you place your order, we ask for project details, such as the topic and Table of Contents (we’ll write one for you if you don’t have one). We also need to know your requirements.

First Chapter for Approval

After going through the details and drafting the first chapter of your eBook, we will send it to you for approval. Once approved, we will work on the remaining parts of the book. This is done to ensure you are happy with the tone and style of writing.

Feedback and Revisions

We want you to have 100% satisfaction with your eBook and offer unlimited revisions in order to achieve this goal. We keep our clients involved in the project by sending regular drafts and encouraging them to provide feedback. This helps us know if we’re heading in the right direction and makes it super easy for you to request changes that you may want.

Editing and Proofreading

Every draft of your eBook is edited to ensure it is error-free and consistent with your requirements.

Final Review

The final draft of the book will be sent to you for review. You will be provided as much time as you need to provide final feedback. This means we want your input on things like:

-content quality (is it well-written? Is it clear?)

-structure and organization (does the intro/outro make sense? Is it clear what each chapter is about?)

-any typos or other errors, including spelling mistakes and punctuation errors


What is book ghostwriting?

Book ghostwriting is the process of writing a book for another person who will be credited as the author. The ghostwriter works with the author to capture their ideas, voice, and story and puts them into written form. The final product is a polished and well-written book that accurately reflects the author’s vision.

How does the book ghostwriting process work?

The process typically begins with a consultation between the ghostwriter and the author to understand their vision for the book and to discuss their ideas, goals, and expectations. The ghostwriter will then conduct research, gather information, and begin writing the first draft. The author will have the opportunity to review and provide feedback on each draft, and the ghostwriter will make revisions until the final draft is complete.

How do I choose a book ghostwriter?

When choosing a book ghostwriter, it’s important to consider their writing style, experience, and the types of books they have written in the past. You may also want to ask for references and read samples of their work to ensure that they are a good match for your project. Communication and collaboration are key in our book ghostwriting service, so it’s also important to find a ghostwriter who you feel comfortable working with.

What happens to the rights to the book once it’s written?

Typically, the author will retain the rights to the book and will be credited as the author. However, the terms and conditions of the ghostwriting agreement can vary, and it’s important to discuss and clarify these issues with your ghostwriter before beginning the project.

How much does book ghostwriting cost?

The cost of book ghostwriting can vary depending on the length of the book, the complexity of the project, and the experience and qualifications of the ghostwriter.

How long does it take to write a book with a ghostwriter?

Our book ghostwriting service is pretty fast. The timeline for a book ghostwriting project can vary depending on the length of the book and the speed at which the author and ghostwriter are able to work together.

Can a ghostwritten book be published under my name?

Yes, a ghostwritten book can be published under the author’s name, and the author will be credited as the author. The ghostwriter’s role is to write the book, but the author’s name and reputation will be associated with the final product.